Monday, 31 May 2010


My blog, Polar adventurer, has been registered on 23 Things Cambridge, and it's fascinating to view the other blogs there and to see how individual each blog is. The choice of colour, style and images, give each a character of its own, irrespective of topic.

Creating (and removing) links on iGoogle to gadgets and URLs (News feeds, RSS feeds, catalogues, calendars, map search and translation software) has proved relatively simple, but I fear taking part in 23 Things will become increasing addictive and time-consuming!

I much prefer the clean uncluttered iGoogle home page to the personalised page(s) where you are immediately distracted by the image(s). I view my iGoogle home page as a filing cabinet. By contrast, my blog greatly benefits from the use of images and colour as a means of setting the tone and scene. I view Polar adventurer as my diary.

By far the most useful function of iGoogle has been the ability to view my RSS feeds in one place, and to navigate quickly between them.

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  1. Hi Rachel

    Love the blog name and the pictures! I agree about the time-consuming problem of Web 2.0 and 23 Things. Spent an hour or two today trying to get myself up to Thing 4 - finally managed it! I love RSS feeds but use a feed reader and am still preferring that. But then I'm at the same desk most of the time!
    good luck - hope it all goes well!