Monday, 28 June 2010

Google Calendar

I have used a web calendar for about 10 years and consider it an essential time management tool, working as I do in two separate locations in Cambridge.  Colleagues at each library can check where I shall be working on particular days, see when I am available and inform researchers when I will be in.  It is especially important during the holiday season, when I sometimes need to change my regular work days to cover for colleagues' leave.  I do still carry a university pocket diary however, as I find this invaluable at home, on the move and in meetings.  

I have not used Google Calendar before, but have added it to my iGoogle page as a trial.  I dislike its weekly view because of the need to scroll down the page, whereas my current online diary (UL designed) enables me to view a week at a time without doing so.  I shall probably refer to it most in agenda mode.


  1. I like the alerts that I've set up to send me a summary of my agenda for the day first thing in the morning. A quick look at my blackberry email inbox as I set off for work reminds me what's in store for the day!

  2. I wasn't entirely convinced about Google calendar, but decided to use it as Sunbird (a Mozilla calendar application) wasn't going to be updated and that meant moving to Lightning (a Sunbird like add on for Thunderbird) and also the rumour was that the Computing Service would be using Google calendar as a University wide tool.

    More details when I get to thing 6.