Friday, 24 June 2011

A fresh start or perhaps a polar dip?

The Arctic dip at Paradise Harbour (Credit: Iain B. of Over, Flickr CC)

Another academic year has flown by and and I'm bracing myself for a second frantic summer tackling 23 Things.  Having got so much out of the programme last year, I am keen to refresh my Web 2.0 skills, and reconsider how I currently exploit the possibilities they permit, as well as tackle the Extra Things promised.  I envisage an adventure-packed summer!

I have been blogging regularly for three years - see the South Asia Archive and Library Group (SAALG) blog - and recently assisted Clemens Gresser and Margaret Jones present a Library Skills workshop on Team Blogging. I've also recently starting blogging using WordPress for the UL's Special collections blog

The basics are very similar, but I have not found the instructions for working with images etc. as intuitive as those of Blogger. It will, however, be a great way to promote some of the non-South Asian gems in the Royal Commonwealth Society collections.  The blogging take-up has been so great that we have had to carefully schedule when posts are published. 

I have had fun this week tweaking the layout, settings and widgets displayed on the SAALG and Polar adventurer blogs, inspired by Week 1's Extra Thing.  I do still feel that pictures speak louder than words, so will endeavour to post as many as possible.


  1. Welcome back to 23 things. I am also doing the extra things at my blog Things ventured. I think I went a bit overboard with the extras. Yours is looking much clearer. I am trying out wordpress for the cpd23 things but not liking it at the moment. But sure I will get used to it. Hope you enjoy the extra things.

  2. I found the team blogging workshop really useful - several points I took away from that have been used in setting up the Cam23 2.0 blog!