Monday, 2 August 2010

Cambridge libraries on Facebook

Vacation borrowing at the Marshall Library, March 2009   

I enjoyed viewing the video of vacation borrowing at the Marshall Library of Economics, March 2009, which is linked from the Library's Facebook page under the Boxes tag.  I must admit I would have expected it under the Photos tag, but that linked only to stills. It is a great way of showing how valuable the library is to the student community. I also liked the way the library has used Facebook to tell current students/researchers about its history and archives.

The Judge Business School Library uses Facebook to promote its electronic resources, with video tutorials and links to its Delicious bookmarks.  It also promotes new and recommended books using  Bookshare (also linked under the Boxes tag).

The English Faculty Library has used Facebook to promote a topical library exhibition, promoting the novels of Sir Wilson Harris, a Caribbean novelist on the 2010 Queen's honours list. Some of his novels form part of the Tasker collection donated to the University by Miss Joyce Trotman. The message is powerfully and simply told using photographs.

By contrast the Classics Faculty library uses Facebook to inform its Friends which new journal issues arrive, giving their classmarks.

Facebook can also be used to promote the latest gadgetry and software. The Cambridge Libraries page promotes the libraries widget, a device for iPhones, IPod Touch and Smartphones designed by Huw Jones, and links to a video showing how to use it. Ed Chamberlain awards it 5 stars in his review.

Finally, if you are a juice and cookies fan (sorry, not me!), then check out the Jerwood Library's Facebook page! They also use Bookshare Books to promote their new accessions and have added friendly photographs - all very inviting to new students.

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