Saturday, 24 July 2010

Bookmarking using Delicious

Humboldt penguin, photographed by Victius, 2009 (Flickr, Creative Commons)
I enjoyed looking through Emma Coonan's bookmarks on Delicious but found her Penguins tag rather misleading!  This is more my sort of penguin!  I like the way Emma has bundled tags - I can see I may wish to do this too.

My South Asia bookmarks on Delicious

Inspired by the use of Delicious at Stanford Green Library, my social bookmarking experience to date has been rewarding, bar having to join Yahoo, whose website is truly awful. (yes, yet another user name and password also involved). 

I successfully imported my bookmarks from my Firefox browser at the Centre of South Asian Studies into Delicous, tagged them all (I had several hundred, so this took some time), used the opportunity to check each of them, updating and deleting outdated ones and can now see these from my PC in the UL.  I decided to keep them all private for the time being but plan to make selections of them public (determined by tag) on web pages I manage during the summer.  When I have time (and this has been the biggest obstacle to me tackling the 23 Things so far), I plan to import my bookmarks from my browser at the UL and integrate these with my SAS bookmarks.  Some will simply duplicate existing ones, but many more will be unique to my UL/RCS work. I am hoping Delicious will spot the duplicates for me! Will it?

It will be extremely useful for me to be able to access all my bookmarks in one place.

I especially like the tag cloud produced and look forward to seeing how this will change when I add more geographical and Commonwealth links, and am hoping it might make a nice feature on my web pages.

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