Tuesday, 20 July 2010

More thoughts on SlideShare and Flickr

I would recommend new users of SlideShare read the article posted by JISC Digital Media, Using SlideShare to share presentations.  It contains a useful  summary of the legal terms and conditions you agree to if you create a SlideShare account, and provides practical advice on best practice, using tags to enhance publicity and on privacy/setting permissions.  It also contains a useful link to Finding and using still images for use in presentations.  From this I located the following historic image, taken in Wellington, New Zealand in 1933, and made available on Flickr, with no known copyright restrictions, by the National Library of New Zealand 'on the Commons'.  It captures the scene at Pipitea wharf, where supplies were being loaded for the second Byrd Antarctic Expedition.
Pipitea wharf, Wellington, 1933
(National Library of New Zealand on the Commons)

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  1. Thanks for the link to the JISC article. I don't think I've seen that bit of the JISC website before (or maybe it used to look different), and it looks likes there's a lot of useful stuff there.